- Dental implants under local and
     general anaesthetic
   - Bone grafting procedures using autologous
     bone and bone substitute material
   - Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)
     supported drill guides

Dental surgery
   - Wisdom tooth removal
   - Apicectomies
   - Surgical periodontology
   - Tooth exposure
   - Removal of dental cysts
   - Tongue and lip tie correction
   - Dental treatment for children and anxious
     patients under general anaesthetic

   - Tooth injuries
   - Facial fractures

Salivary gland surgery
   - Parotid gland surgery
   - Submandibular gland surgery
   - Treatment of salivary mucoceles,
     dermoid and epidermoid cysts

Maxillary sinus surgery


    - Treatment of benign and malignant
       facial and oral tumours

Neck surgery

   - Lymph node removal
   - Lateral and midline neck cyst removal

Orthognathic surgery

Plastic and cosmetic surgery
   - Reconstructive surgery using pedicle flaps
     as well as full and split thickness skin grafts
   - Eyelid surgery
   - Correction of scars and wrinkles
   - Facelift
   - Nose and ear surgery

Treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
and facial pain

   - All treatment available under general anaesthetic

Digital x-ray diagnosis
   - Digital volume tomography (DVT)
   - Orthopantomogram (OPG)
   - Lateral cephalogram
   - Intraoral x-ray