Referring Dentists

Dear colleagues,

Should you wish to offer your patients the full spectrum of implantology including bone grafting procedures but you do not insert implants or carry out bone grafting procedures yourself, I would be pleased to work in co-operation with you.

For diagnosis and treatment planning we have got one of the very latest digital volume tomography (DVT)
x-ray machines in our surgery which offers the following advantages for your patients:

- Low x-ray dosage

- Short x-ray exposure time

- Excellent 3-D pictures with exact depiction of the available
  bone, the expansion of the maxillary sinus and nasal cavity,
  the position of the inferior alveolar nerve etc.

With this information implants can be placed safely with the help of DVT-supported drill guides and bone grafting procedures can possibly be avoided in some cases. However, if a bone grafting procedure should be necessary
I offer the whole range of bone grafting surgery including autologous bone and bone substitute materials.

The co-operation would work in the following way:

- Should your patient be interested in an implant-
  based solution, we would firstly carry out an analysis
  of the models and an evaluation of the x-ray pictures -
  either in your surgery or in mine - and discuss the
  possible types of treatment.

- If your patient decides to have an implant-based
  treatment he would be informed about the
  course of treatment and after-care as well as the
  importance of regular professional dental hygiene
  treatment in your surgery. The pre-operative talk
  would be carried out either by you, by me, or by both
  of us – either in your surgery or mine.

- We perform exclusively the surgical part of the treatment.
  The prosthetic care is of course carried out by you.

- You are welcome in our surgery at all times whether it be
   for a discussion or for treatment!